Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Magnet Doll

I've always loved paper dolls.  I keep meaning to make them too, but I never have settled on a theme or character or base.  I've even done a few KiSS dolls, which are like paper dolls but electronic.  I really couldn't tell you why I like them so much.  Possibly because I like clothes!

I visit  Liana's Paper Doll Blog now and then, not because I print the dolls there, but because I like the wide variety of costumes.  I love how she's doing all of these costumes on the exact same base.  That doll has all the clothes she'll ever need!  The trick to this is making a base with a pose that looks good with different clothing styles, is fun to draw clothing on and is well drawn.  I've tried a few times to make a base like that, but have never managed.

Yesterday, I found Paper Thin Personas.  She's got some magnet dolls that have some really fun costumes.  I wanted to print them out, but found I wasn't very happy with the face on the base.  I considered editing them but instead found myself sketching out my own bases.  This time I drew a base I actually like quite a lot.

Cute huh?  She's not to bad to draw clothing for either.

The only problem I've found is that I drew her too small.  I'll either have to scale her up with illustrator's live trace or just deal with 150dpi for her from now on.  I haven't decided yet.  I think I'd better avoid drawing more clothes until I do.

I made the base's hair super short and close cropped so that I could layer hairstyles on top, but that won't be the best option for hairstyles that go behind her clothes and shoulders.  I could do more bases, but that would limit hair styles.  Maybe a combination would be best.

This will be fun.  I think releasing them clothing in themed 8.5x11 pages in both lines and colored will be the way to go.  Whatever I end up with, I think my fridge will be a more interesting place soon enough.

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