Thursday, July 5, 2012

Jack and Jill Magnet Dolls

The base is done for my magnet dolls!  Here are Jack and Jill as well as a few pets.  You'll need magnet paper which you can find at stores that sell office supplies.  Margins are built in, so make sure to turn off "fit to page" or whatever your printer calls it.  Here's the black and white version if you'd prefer your own colors.

I really hope you enjoy it!  I'll be releasing some clothes soon.


  1. I assume that each piece would need to be cut out? Would you recommend scissors or an exacto knife?

    How frustrating do YOU find cutting out dolls?

    1. I, um, haven't tried it yet. *^^* I did get an exacto for that purpose. I don't expect it to be very easy to cut out some of these, but the basic dolls shouldn't be too bad. A halo of white around everything except the bit that frames the face should help with that though.