Monday, July 9, 2012

Tried out the magnet dolls today

So I finally got around to printing and cutting out the magnet dolls.  Here's what I've noticed about them so far:
  • The skin color turned out a little yellow.  Thankfully it's still on the side of tan instead of spray tan.
  • Cutting most of the hair styles and dolls can be done with just a pair of scissors, but I recommend using a nice sharp exacto for the tighter bits and most of the curly hair.
  • The curly hair is annoying to cut out.  I'm sorry.
  • The round bits with tighter corners should be cut with scissors where possible.  The exacto makes the turn alright, but tears the paper more for some reason.
  • If your kids are rough on toys, this probably isn't worth the effort.  There are some thinner spots that lend themselves to bending or tearing.  Don't worry too much though, my 3 year old niece is doing just fine with it.
  • Cutting it all out is going to take a little time and patience. 
  • The very tips of points don't stick, but if you bend them back slightly, you shouldn't be able to tell.
Overall, I'm pleased with how they turned out.  We got a tin lunchbox to place the dolls in, which works nicely.  The magnet paper was thinner than I was expecting, but it works well enough, and thinner is easier to cut.  My niece is enjoying playing with it so far, even though it doesn't have clothes yet.  My brother has requested a saddle for the horse, which I told him would have to wait until I did a horse set.  I guess I'd better get back to work and get that water clothing set done!

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