Friday, April 26, 2013

Amy Pond's "Pandorica Opens" Scarf

Being a Whovian (a fan of the tv series Doctor Who) I decided to dress up as Amy Pond for Halloween one year.  Being someone who dresses more modestly, I went for her outfit from "Pandorica Opens" and "Big Bang", one of the few with pants!  Since I'm also a perfectionist, I realized that the only way to get the scarf would be to make it.

Being a crocheter and not a knitter meant this was tough.

I scoured the internet for a suitable pattern.  On the way I saved every image I could find of Amy that had that scarf.  I not only looked at patterns for cable scarves but also looked at patterns that were supposedly made to look like this scarf.  Amy has two different knitted red scarves she wears, which apparently confused a few pattern makers.  The closest I found to the scarf I wanted was this pattern by Amanda Throm and while it taught me what the standard was for knitting a cable, it didn't match the pictures I had of Amy's scarf.  In the end I found nothing that would work.

There was only one thing left to do.  Make up a knitting pattern for my first knitting project.

It actually wasn't too hard.  I still have no idea how to cast on (I just crocheted a chain the length I needed and picked up the stitches from there), but once I understood the concept of knit and pearl everything else was easy.

So here's my version of  Amy's super long, thick, red, cabled scarf.  The pictures are of the scarf after a full year and a half of abusive use including being yanked on and dragged around by a toddler, so yours will probably look nicer.  I'm not a knitter so I don't know how to properly format the pattern, please forgive any errors.  Since making this I've decided that I don't like knitting so this will probably be the only knit pattern you'll ever see on this blog.

Amy's Pandorica Scarf

Yarn: 2-3 skeins Vanna's Choice Cranberry (or any worsted weight deep red of your choice)
Needles: Size 15

Cast on 24 stitches
*Purl 3 knit 18 pearl 3 turn around purl 24 turn around* repeat 4 times
purl 3 knit 3, knit 3 onto a different needle, bring forward, knit 3, knit 3 onto a different needle, bring back, knit 6, purl 3 turn around
*purl 24 turn around purl 3 knit 18 pearl 3 turn around* repeat 3 times
purl 24 turn around
purl 3 knit 3 onto a different needle, bring back, knit 9, knit 3 onto a different needle, bring forward, knit 3, purl 3 turn around
Repeat until scarf is desired length and finish off.  On Amy it could loop once around her neck and still reach mid thigh.  It's a very long scarf!  Add 3 tassels on each end, one on each corner and one in the middle.  This should make the ends reach the tops of the knees.

Tassels:  Take three 12 inch lengths of yarn, fold in half.  Insert crochet hook into wrong side of fabric, hook yarn and pull the lengths through far enough to make a loop.  Take the ends and pull through the loop, then pull ends until loop tightens.

EDIT: Carin from Carin Knits was kind enough to rewrite the pattern into something that actually looks like a knit pattern!

CO 24 stitches.
Row 1: Knit across.
Row 2 and every WS row: K3, P 18, K3.
For the scarf, work 3 border stitches in Garter, and center 18 stitches in Cable Pattern.
Cable Pattern:
Rows 1-6: work 3 border stitches in garter and center 18 stitches in stockinette.
Row 7: K6, C6B, C6F, K6.
Rows 8-14: work as for rows 1-6.
Row 15: K3, C6F, K6, C6B, K3.
Row 16: work as for rows 1-6.
Work until it’s as long as you want, ending with a Row 14.
add three 12” (total length of yarn) tassels on each end.

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