Tuesday, September 9, 2014

TIAM: Getting back on the horse.

So, you may have noticed that I missed a few days.  My cold got much worse for a bit and I just wasn't well enough to do much of anything.  I think I'm finally on the mend now, so I'm trying to get back into gear with this challenge.  Powering through missing days is a bit easier when there's some momentum but having it happen so early makes it easy to feel defeated.  It was so tempting to just give in and start the challenge over with some other tileset.

I got a very late start but thanks to some encouragement I did actually start today.  Nothing significant, just a few fence posts (not quite a fence yet) a decorative ground tile and a new carpet and interior wall tile.  I found a few errors on the newer tiles that I didn't get around to checking last time, but that's to be expected.  I wouldn't have gotten anything done without people telling me it was worth it, so thank you everyone who got me going.

BTW, I used a handy program today that I think is going to help a lot during this process.  It's called MagnifyPNG and it does exactly what it says, batch processes pngs to double size.  Checking out how things work in the editor is something I do regularly but it gets annoying when working on 16x16 tiles because I have to resize everything.  This tool should simplify it a bit and make checking things a little less of a pain.

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