Thursday, September 11, 2014

TIAM: Planning in the middle

So I didn't get my goal today (probably overdid it yesterday) but I did get all my B tiles done which for some reason are the hardest for me, so I'm going to count it as a win.  I also did a little more planning.

When I start these things I usually don't have all the specifics worked out.  I start with a loose plan; a theme, some ideas on how I'm going to pull it off, and a small list of things I know I absolutely want to have.  It isn't until I've got a good start on things that I start really detailed plans.  It's still pretty loose, I don't know how many tiles some things will take until after I've made them and there's always more on my list of things to make then actually gets made.  The most important thing isn't the overall path though, it's making sure I know what I'm doing next so when I sit down to draw I'm not just staring at the screen.

Unfortunately, this set is giving me some troubles.  It's not the B tiles, it's all the A tiles.  Halloween is really more about the decorations and details than it is the walls and ground.  I'm going to run out of ideas pretty quickly.  If anyone has suggestions or ideas, I would be really happy to get them.


  1. So is it the decorations you need ideas for or walls and ground?

    1. Everything really, but I'd mostly like to focus on B tiles which are the objects with transparent backgrounds that layer on top of the ground and wall tiles.